The Who Keep Momentum Going With Moving On Tour

Thursday 24th, October 2019 / 10:51
By Ray Maichin 

Despite the title of their latest tour, it would appear The Who are unable to move on — from touring at least.  

On the road in support of their upcoming twelfth album, WHO, the Who brought their all going out with a full orchestra, propelling unforgettable classics such as “Pinball Wizard”, “Who Are You” and “Eminence Front” to new heights. 

The two remaining founding members of the band Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have seemingly not lost a step. Townshend masterfully handled much of their back catalogue on his various classic Fender and Gibson guitars as if it were still 1975. Daltrey’s vocals were still very much intact, as the vocalist still managed to belt out all of the band’s popular singles as well as deep cuts. 

Though predominantly a guitar player, Townshend was far from silent on the mic as he joked to the women in the crowd that he was still quite “unattainable,” and that their was a lot of “trite” music being released in this age, so they should just buy their fucking album. 

The night was full of surprises on the setlist as well as onstage, which included the band being joined by the one and only Eddie Vedder, who joined Daltrey on vocals for an obscure Quadrophenia track “The Punk and the Godfather. 

Though it would be very difficult to replace the other iconic former mainstays of the bandJohn Entwistle and Keith Moon, the touring members of the Who were not to be outdone. Zak Starkey the son of a little-known drummer who went by the name Ringo Starr, was an animal on the kit while established bassist Jon Button excelled at his task of playing Entwistle’s parts. Townshend’s brother Simon, held his own as well. Main members of the orchestra Loren Gold (piano, keyboards), Billy Nicholls (backing vocals, tambourine), and Katie Jacoby (violin) were all integral in breathing new life into the Who’s varied set.  

As the crowd said goodbye to one of the last remaining classic rock giants during a grandiose rendition of Baba O’Riley, the Who signed off with great appreciation for their fans and those who have worked alongside them. To those that have so far missed seeing them in concert, tonight served as a good reminder for them to not be fooled again.