Sacha Robotti: Los Angeles-based Techno DJ Spins Open To Close

Thursday 24th, October 2019 / 17:13
By Catalina Briceno

Photo: Troy Acevedo

In pursuit of expanding his creative horizons, German-born, Los Angeles-based techno and house producer, Sacha Robotti takes matters into his own hands by launching his own imprint, Slothacid, and going on an open-to-close tour, which will feature him performing extended sets for the entirety of a club’s open hours.

Running a label is no strange feat for Robotti. Frustrated his DJ duo group, Robosonic, was consistently slammed and not getting signed by labels, Robotti decided to spearhead his own label, Diskomafia, in 2006. The imprint gave Robotti artistic reign to release whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. His latest label, Slothacid, follows suit.

“That’s how we put ourselves on the map and so other labels became interested in what we were doing,” says Robotti of going independent.

Slothacid’s intent is to showcase Robotti’s material and collaborations with other artists, while also giving him an opportunity to experiment artistically.

“I’m not trying to compete with other labels or artists. I just want to do my thing, whatever that entails. I want to be able to put out what I like and not necessarily what’s popular,” he says.

In addition to starting a label, Robotti also dropped his four-track EP on August 30 and an open-to-close tour announcement, both titled Welcome to Slothacid. His EP covers a spectrum of sounds from the dark and industrial to the soulful and playful elements of house and techno.

With his innate desire to reach new creative depths and being accustomed to longer set times from his time living in Berlin, embarking on an open-to-close set tour seemed like a no brainer.

“I hope other people start focusing on that more. It’s great for artists and the crowd because they just get to know DJs better. I’m stoked because I can finally play whatever I want, for longer.”

Sacha Robotti’s open-to-close set will take place at The Hifi Club on Friday, October 25.