Album Review: Battles – Juice B Crypts

Friday 18th, October 2019 / 10:31
By Jennie Orton

Juice B Crypts
Warp Records

NYC-based experimental rock group Battles brings their ice cream truck on acid sound back to the forefront with Juice B Crypts and it takes 30 seconds to remember why we missed them so much.

Like with previous releases, such as the elemental La Di Da Di and the truly mind melting Gloss Drop, their latest highlights the off-timing percussions, staccato keys, and robotic beeps and moans that have defined their sound.

Where this album differs is its surprising hooks and loops, building on that signature vibe of feeling like you’re living in a fantastic Nintendo game of your own creation, topping it off with some genuinely heartfelt bangers.

The influence of producer Chris Tabron can be heard, particularly in “They Played it Twice,” which combines the stentorian wail of Xenia Rubinos with Battles’ technological onslaught. It’s a relentless number. However, the real masterpiece of the album is “Titanium 2 Step,” which is a riffy monster that sounds like something Devo would’ve made while under the influence of DMT.

Juice B Crypts is a catchy thrill ride celebrating everything we’ve grown to love about Battles: courage, humour, timing, and audacity.

Best Track – Titanium 2 Step