Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

Wednesday 16th, October 2019 / 16:00
By Darrole Palmer  

Tyler, The Creator | Photo: Darrole Palmer

October 15, 2019
Pacific Coliseum  

Tyler, the Creator has taken his alter ego, Igor, on the road and he’s making all the right kind of waves. Dressed in a baby blue suit and blonde bob wig, the young artist is showcasing his growth as a musician and innovator to the world with his latest jaw dropping sweat-inducing performance.  

Casually strolling onto the stage at Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum, Tyler stood behind the first of many stage transformations, a small shiny backdrop reminiscent of a high school talent show. Throughout the night his show would slowly transform into a complete arena rock experience, including pyrotechnics and an elevated stage.  

Tyler, The Creator | Photo: Darrole Palmer

Opening with “Igor’s Theme,” the young rapper stood barely moving before bursting into dance for “I Think.” The show was built on buildups and crescendos, the best example was when he slowly played a rendition of “EARFQUAKE” on a white piano in the middle of the stage, before getting the entire crowd to sing and finish the song with him.  

 Tyler has mastered the art of mesmerizing his audience with minimal interactions. After every song the arena would go dark, and he would deliver the next song.  

Having gone from the mischievous, offensive shock rapper to a love stricken, sensitive artist in a blonde bob wig, the former leader of Odd Future has cemented his legacy in the Rap game with style and substance. Tyler ended the night with no encore, which only left his fans more hungry and eagerly waiting for his next seismic offering.