Album Review: City and Colour – Pill for Loneliness

Wednesday 09th, October 2019 / 12:44
By Natalie Harmsen

City and Colour
A Pill for Loneliness
Still Records

Dallas Green’s unmistakably haunting vocals take centre stage on his sixth LP with 11 new songs that release all his emotions with a slow burn.

With sweeping melodies and introspective lyricism, A Pill for Loneliness is a step forward into new musical territory for City and Colour. The album is a departure from the folksier, plaid-shirt-and-a-guitar vibe fans have come to expect from Green on previous albums. Although it strays into new ground, it still serves up more of the best Green has to offer.

As always, Green navigates the uncertainty of relationships expertly, and while the overall tone is melancholy, there are breathtaking moments where he finds some light in the darkness. He does so delicately, striking a balance of asking difficult questions while pondering familiar themes of despair and restlessness. He knows we’re living in turbulent times, and that consciousness translates with every whisper and guitar riff.

There’s still familiarity and Green plays with it comfortably, like putting on an old sweater. He returns to his rock and roll roots on a few guitar-driven tracks such as “Imagination” but overall, it’s a record that soars due to experimentation thanks to tranquil synths and reverberating piano that reside throughout.

Best Track: Astronaut

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