Dance-Pop Nerds SOFI TUKKER Provide Soundtrack To Your Best Night Ever On R.I.P. Shame Tour

Thursday 26th, September 2019 / 14:02
By Ben Boddez

You might know electronic music duo SOFI TUKKER best from a 2017 iPhone X commercial featuring a poop emoji happily lip-syncing along to their song “Best Friend,” a track that also showed up in the soundtrack for Ocean’s Eight and FIFA 18.

The duo’s specific brand of multilingual dance-pop has bridged cultural divides, and their ability to pull influences from around the world has turned them into a widely sought-after act, capable of shutting down a dance floor. Their latest single with Colombian group Bomba Estereo, “Playa Grande,” is performed in Engligh, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Based in New York, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern met while performing separately at a music gala at Brown University. During his set Halpern spontaneously remixed one of Hawley-Weld’s songs, and the next day they contacted each other. That willingness to try just about anything has translated into the music they make together through their project SOFI TUKKER.

Despite being two Ivy League music nerds and receiving enough accolades to earn a couple of Grammy nominations, SOFI TUKKER enjoy settling into their roles as the providers of your party playlist, and want to be the backdrop to having the night of your life.

Their debut full-length album, Treehouse, was inspired by the kind of unapologetic, childlike spirit that allows you to be yourself to the fullest extent. It’s the same spirit that the duo hope to see when they look out over the crowd on their latest tour, aptly titled “R.I.P. Shame.”

Sofi Tukker performs October 2 at The Palace (Calgary) and October 4 at the Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver)