Ian Blurton’s Future Now Wraps Up Week-Long Residency at National Music Centre

Thursday 19th, September 2019 / 12:22
By Sebastian Buzzalino

Photo by Sebastian Buzzalino

Ian Blurton’s Future Now
September 18, 2019
King Eddy

The iconic Canadian riff master, Ian Blurton, wrapped up a week-long recording residency at the National Music Centre with a free, two-set show at the King Eddy on September 18. His latest project, Ian Blurton’s Future Now, features perhaps some of his strongest and heaviest material of his career, joined on bass by Anna Ruddick, on guitar by Aaron Goldstein and on drums by Glenn Milchem. It’s a powerhouse lineup that feels like a bunch of old friends jamming in the garage like they’re still 18.

Ian Blurton’s Future Now’s first set of the night featured all-new material that the foursome had been writing and recording as part of the residency. Blurton joked on stage that this was the first time that they had played these songs live and, while they were a bit looser than usual, the group’s signature sonic heaviness was at the forefront as they jammed and banged their way through the material. For their second set, they returned to well-rehearsed songs and really let their chops fly: it was clear that the band was more comfortable with the material and were able to perform with more aplomb than the first set.

On a Wednesday stacked with great shows all around town, Ian Blurton’s Future Now was a fantastic first stop. And even though Blurton kept joking that the seated crowd at the King Eddy was “the quietest show [he’s] played,” it was still everything one could expect from Ian Blurton’s Future Now: howling riffs and extended jams neatly packaged into two monster sets.

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