Album Review: Vivian Girls – Memory

Monday 16th, September 2019 / 07:00

Vivian Girls
Polyvinyl Record Co

Vivian Girls rip the covers off Memory with “Most of All,” a two-minute psych-pop banger that crashes into its hazy, urgent chorus as soon as it starts.

It’s a fitting reintroduction to Vivian Girls on their reunion album, a clear statement from the trio that they’re back after more than five years spent living apart.

Amidst swirling vocals and a frenetic, driving rhythm section, Cassie Ramone’s chants compel the band forward into the depths of a psychic poetry reading in the back of some ephemeral DIY art space. It’s a dream world built from the perfect blend of nostalgia and three-too-many beers and Vivian Girls set the ideal soundtrack to the madness.

There’s a romantic urgency that drives Memory forward, like a stolen kiss at the end of the night. “This memory is all I need to feel all right,” sings Ramone on the title track and you get the sense that Vivial Girls feel reinvigorated by their reunion, looking only forward.

Vivian Girls are back with Memory, but it mysteriously sounds like they never split up in the first place.

Best Track – Something To Do
By Sebastian Buzzalino