The Distillers Inspire and Mesmerize Sweat Drenched Crowd at Commodore Ballroom 

Friday 13th, September 2019 / 11:10
By Johnny Papan 

Photo by Jon Walters

September 11, 2019
Commodore Ballroom  

Within moments of the Distillers’ explosive opening, Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom spun into a whirlwind of punk rockers of every generation, jumping, bumping, and bruising each other with affection. Things got hot fast, and skin got sticky. 

Frontwoman Brody Dalle’s sheer presence mesmerized most of the audience. Her voice maintains the melodic rasp she’s dawned since the band’s beginning. She shares a story of visiting a Kitsilano pool before playing hits like “City Of Angels,” “Hall Of Mirrors,” “The Young Crazed Peeling,” and “Drain the Blood,” all of which were echoed by the attentive and sweaty audience.  

At the end of the night, fans eagerly awaited for the band behind the venue. After about an hour, Dalle exits the venue sporting a black leather jacket and red baseball cap. Fans spill their praises and pose for photos. She gave each individual her undivided attention, affectionately calling most fans “babe.”   

When asked if she has any advice for punk rockers of today’s generation, Dalle replies:

“If you truly love it, keep doing it, keep writing,” she says. “Don’t stop. But also know why you are doing it. Punk rock is about doing anything you want. I know that’s a really broad thing to say. Things are tough for bands now, but if you love it you’ll figure things out.”  

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