Album Review: Ex-SOFTESS – Hollow Ritual

Thursday 12th, September 2019 / 12:32
By Glenn Alderson

Hollow Ritual

Creeking up the stairs from the depths of a moldy East Van rehearsal suite, the sounds of Ex-SOFTESS are here to remind you that the future is bleak and everything sucks. That is, everything except these four surging noise-punk tracks. Guitarist Don L’Orange (The Doers, SOFTESS) is a modest antihero in the Vancouver music scene and his work here with April Johnson (Passive) and Bill Batt (In Mirrors) forges down a path of punishing, noisey riffs, pushing the boundaries from the inside with an outsider aesthetic. With roots tied to the infamous Fake Jazz no-wave underground, this new trio peeks its head out of their cave just long enough for us to know we want more.

Best Track – Your Eyes