Album Review: Alex Cameron – Miami Memory

Thursday 12th, September 2019 / 12:34
By Kathryn Helmore

Alex Cameron
Miami Memory
Secretly Canadian

A master of the caricature, Alex Cameron’s previous work delightfully presented a tongue-in-cheek portrait of a hypermasculine, verile, and seedy middle-aged man struggling to find meaning in a progressive and feminist age. With Miami Memory, Cameron takes a surprising turn. Placing the femme fetale in the centre, Cameron’s new album bids his colour characterizations adieu and embodies a new character: himself.

The glistening Miami Memory is a candid and vulnerable love letter to his girlfriend, actress Jemima Kirke (of Girls fame). The first single, “Miami Memory,” captures the tenderness and honesty of long-term commitment with a track shimmering in nostalgic synth and Cameron’s trademark sax. Yet, Cameron hasn’t gone soft. Far from just silly love songs, the track is unapologetically sexual and complex with recollections of cellulite massages and “eating ass” in a city condemned by rising sea levels.

Shedding the masciline parody in celebration of the female perspective and empowerment, “Far From Born Again” explores the hypocrisy and and flips the script on sex work.

Still rife with Cameron’s deliciously nostalgic dad rock sound, driven by bass, guitar, sax and layers of organ, Miami Memory is nevertheless an unexpected turn. Yet, true to Cameron’s form, his love letter to womanhood is refreshing, insightful, and meaningful.

Best Track: Far From Born Again