WHOOP-Szo Unleash Raw Power Dreamscape Spectacle on the Palomino

Wednesday 11th, September 2019 / 14:00
By Jesse Gillett

Photo by Jesse Gillett

The Palomino
September 10, 2019

The basement of the Palomino was transformed into a tumultuous dreamscape as WHOOP-Szo took the stage and filled the space with sounds as crashing, complex and artful as the human soul.

The group, based out of Guelph and London, ON, has received acclaim for their energetic fusion of metal with synth-drenched pop hooks and intricate prog-infused progressions. Massive riffs coupled with bouncy indie guitar licks rang out over soulful folk storytelling.

Photo by Jesse Gillett

Their sound was immersive and their presence completely enveloping: it was like having your soul torn from your body, in the most spectacularly enjoyable way. Strutting along the line between chaos and precision, WHOOP-Szo put on a show that is as intriguing and unconventional as their name would have you believe, a spectacle as fascinating and mystifying as cutting through glass with a sledgehammer.