K.Flay Delivers Catharsis On ‘Solutions’ Tour at Commodore Ballroom

Wednesday 11th, September 2019 / 17:06
By Brendan Lee 

Photo: Mike Thomas

Sept 9, 2019
Commodore Ballroom 

Two Grammy noms and three albums deep, Kristine Flaherty, aka K. Flay, has become known for a unique smash of musical elements, combining hip-hop, lo-fi pop, hard rock, and electronic, all of which was in abundance on her rainy Monday night stop in Vancouver.  

The iconic Commodore Ballroom played the part of a perfect venue, broadcasting the highs, lows and triumphs of a show that had each beating heart palpitating in all the right ways.  

Photo: Mike Thomas

For a three-piece, the sound was massive. Flaherty’s talents run deep, as the night saw a fluid rotation between her perfectly executed raps, soft-spoken acoustic moments, and times where she let loose and wailed away with a guitar in hand. There’s an unfiltered sense of sincerity that emanates from Flaherty when she smiles behind sweat-soaked black hair, and it rubs off.   

Going to a K. Flay show is like a solo night drive down the freeway with the windows down while you belt out the lyrics to your favourite song. It’s a solution to whatever’s been clogging up your brain, and it feels damn fine.