Com Truise Resets and Embraces the Future on Persuasion System

Tuesday 26th, March 2019 / 09:00
By Joey Lopez

Photo by Effixx

Since 2011 synthwave maestro, Com Truise, has been a favourite random discovery for those perusing the internet late at night. Listening to an assortment of youtube playlists until you inevitably stumble upon sounds that are reminiscent of a rainy night drive through a neon drenched futuristic Neo Tokyo.

With an influence ranging back to the electronic music of the late ’70s and early ’80s Com Truise, real name Seth Haley, has crafted a niche soundscape that brings electronic fans and sci-fi fans together. Haley’s powerful imagery via his music is a result of his years working in advertising. He would often begin with an image that would inspire the sound and a song would often come to life. However, Haley’s methods have changed with his upcoming album Persuasion System and has become a little more experimental.

“I switched to a different workstation and moved over to Abelton and limited myself to what equipment I was using,” he says. “Things sound a little bit bigger this time around and the production part of it that’s where I feel like I was really experimenting with. It’s not like crazy different genre sounding. It still sounds like me and whatever I was doing but you know I think it sounds like a logical progression.”

By breaking down his own restrictions, Haley rebuilt his method from the ground up. Completely resetting his ways after eight years can come as quite the challenge, but that’s exactly what Haley wanted to do with his newest project,

“Switching over to a different style was a really freeing experience. I’ve been using certain processes for way too long and it was time to switch it up. It was definitely a challenge getting over the hump, but once I did it I felt good and when the music was finished I was like, ‘I did it and now I’m excited to do more.’ I learned a lot going through it that way.”

Through these new found challenges, Haley wanted to craft an entirely different atmosphere than what his fans are used to. Going bigger, almost operatic by way of Fifth Element, creating a cyber space symphony.

“I think it’s very moody. It’s got its bright points and I think it’s more intelligent sounding than some of my past work.” The intelligence shines through on the titular single, opening with electronic machine gun fire that immediately takes the listeners guard down before plateauing into a steady wave of synth. The image of a professional athlete going for gold after years of preparation comes to mind when experiencing the sound Com Truise has crafted.

“For me this was a big step and completely threw the whole playbook out and redid everything. That’s kind of the sound I’m going for. I hope people listen to it and see where it’s going and get excited to see more.”

Existence Schematic is the future of Com Truise. The new sound for a new era in the producer’s repertoire. However, for Haley, the future holds a little more. With prospects that feel like a natural progression: sci-fi film scores.

“I like Terminator, They Live, and the Videodrome [scores] and things like that. Alien and Aliens score and even Alien 3 I really enjoy. I’d really like to do something like that and those are very inspiring. I really hope some of my future prospects turn out because I would like to do more of that and less touring. I’m getting older by the minute here,” he says with a laugh.

Com Truise will bring his futuristic soundscapes to Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver March 29.