One Bad Son: Louds, proud prairie rawk 

Thursday 06th, December 2018 / 11:32
By Trevor Morelli  

Prairie-made rock and roll
By One Black Dog Photography


CALGARY – As 2018 winds down, One Bad Son’s rock ‘n’ roll train keeps on chugging. Last year, the Saskatoon quartet took their latest LP, Made In The Name of Rock ‘N’ Roll (2017), to Europe in the never-ending quest to find new fans and fresh experiences.  

“It was cool. It was a couple of showcase kind of shows, so not a full tour, but really cool to see that honesty. And, the same goes for the U.S. and Canada, rock fans are really rock fans, y’know?” explains lead singer Shane Volk. “That’s the cool thing with music – you can really go anywhere and you’re just seeing rock and roll people. I love that.” 

This year, the band continued touring on the back of hit singles “Hurricane” and “Raging Bull”, the latter hit #1 on the Canadian rock charts. When hair metal legend Sebastian Bach asked if One Bad Son would open for him, the answer was a resounding “Hell yeah!”  

Volk says the Skid Row frontman is a bit reclusive, but that he was also a friendly guy. And, not surprisingly, he’s still got his pipes after all these years. 

“He’s who he is. He’s got a big personality, you know. We didn’t see him a ton. He keeps to himself, but was real gracious with us and stuff like that,” Volk comments. “And the guy can still sing. That was the coolest thing for me, being a Bach fan. He can still wail on the mic which was the coolest thing ever.” 

Volk acknowledges the response to Made In The Name of Rock ‘N’ Roll has been tremendous, especially considering this record incorporated some different musical elements that One Bad Son hadn’t tried yet. 

“It’s been great. Every time we do a record, we want to do something a bit different. This one’s got a bit more of a modern edge and probably a few things people were not expecting to hear, which is good. The overall reaction has been really positive. People have dug it as much as they’ve loved any of the older stuff, so that’s always good to hear.” 

Capping off the year with a string of Western Canada shows, One Bad Son plans on bringing one Hell of a hair-raising party to some of the cities they now consider to be “secondary hometowns.” 

“We always do this kind of big kind of blowout Christmas show in Saskatoon, our hometown. That’s kind of become this semi-legendary event in Saskatoon, it’s always sold out and crazy,” he notes. 

“I don’t know if this is the right way to put it, but we want it to feel like a family get together, which is what our Saskatoon shows always feel like, just sort of a year-end celebration of our music, and rock  ‘n’ roll, and just for everybody to come out and party with us!”  

One Bad Son plays Dec. 13 at Bo’s Bar and Grill (Red Deer), Dec15 at The Gateway (Calgary), December 20 at Average Joe’s Sports Bar (Lethbridge), and Dec21 at The Starlite Room (Calgary). 

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