PREMIERE Bridal Party – Fruitless 7”

Saturday 21st, April 2018 / 12:45
By Lauren Donnelly

Local indie label Kingfisher Bluez has partnered with Victoria’s Bridal Party to mark the 10-year anniversary of Record Store Day with a special run of pale pink 7” vinyl. The record features the first two songs off Bridal Party’s latest EP Negative Space. On the A-side, the bouncy “Fruitless” and the effortlessly cool “Makes Me Wanna” on the B-side.

The selections on the album are perfectly representative of Bridal Party’s brand of indie pop. “Fruitless” is a perky and playful take on millennial cynicism with Joseph Leroux’s guitar and Suzannah Raudaschl’s vocals playing starring roles. “Makes Me Wanna” is awash in dreamy space-out vibes with the bright harmonies on a chorus that hearkens back to love songs from the ‘60s.

It’s been a big year for Bridal Party. The five-piece just announced a June tour built around performances at Calgary’s Sled Island festival, June 20-24.

The Fruitless 7” is the first vinyl offering from Bridal Party and will make a charming addition to any local music lover’s record collection.

Bridal Party play their 7” release party tonight at the Upstairs Cabaret April 21.