VIDEO PREMIERE: Bridal Party —“Fruitless”

Tuesday 09th, January 2018 / 07:00
By Lauren Donnelly

VANCOUVER – 2018 has already borne fruit for Victoria band Bridal Party. This week they premiere the video for “Fruitless” off their 2017 EP Negative Space.

Director Koty Bannouvong captures the song’s playful melody and cynical lyrics with a cheeky, loosely narrative video. The bandmates take over a convenience store for the late-night shift. Maybe it’s all a dream — the colour palette of cool hues and atmospheric fog give things an otherworldly tone.

The chorus’ lyric “I can’t love anyone, oh, not in this economy/ Passion is a setting sun unless I win the lottery” is symbolized through a combination of shining self-aware moments — frontwoman Suzannah Raudaschl breaking the fourth wall is a highlight for sure — and a piecemeal narrative where world-weary clientele come in demanding vices.

The video does justice to the song’s combination of bouncy melody and lyrical cynicism creating an atmosphere that’s easy to relate to in today’s economy.

Bridal Party play the Astoria January 13.

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