This Month in Film: January 2018

Thursday 04th, January 2018 / 18:33
by Hogan Short

Falling after Christmas but before the Academy awards, January is notoriously the worst month of the entire year for film. So instead of recommending some terrible films, here is a list of a few interesting showings at Vancouver theatres.

Jan 6, 21 – The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
This is the most rewarding trilogy to marathon, and here is your chance to do it on the big screen!

Jan 3, 11 – Blade Runner: Final Cut and Blade Runner 2049
A revered classic of Sci Fi Noir, followed by its unlikely and exceptional sequel.

Jan 17, 22 – 78/52: Hitchcock Shower Scene
The 78 and 52 in the title stand for the shots and cuts in the iconic shower scene in Psycho, in this film that delves into the genius of Hitchcock’s craft.

Jan 12-21 – Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival
“The best of 2017 in Canadian features, shorts, and student shorts.”
Plain and simple, these are the best films that Canada has produced this past year. You can catch the hauntingly sad Never Steady, Never Still by Vancouver director Kathleen Hepburn. Luk’Luk’l, from local director Wayne Wapeemukwa, was a favourite at VIFF this year. And Allure is a psychological thriller starring the fantastic Evan Rachel Wood. This festival allows you to see the best Canadian student films, shorts, features, or documentaries our talented country has to offer.

Jan 5-11 – Italian Film Festival
Attending any film festival is a unique chance to see a curated set of films, and the Italian Film Festival is no exception, offering a great opportunity to see new and classic Italian cinema. At this festival, you can see on the big screen the legendary Fellini’s La Strada, the first film to win best foreign film at the Oscars. If you have seen the best film of 2017, Call Me by Your Name, directed by Luca Guadagnino, now you can watch one of his first films, I Am Love (featuring Tilda Swinton). With a documentary about Italy’s most prominent exorcist (Deliver Us) and a biopic about Andrea Bocelli (The Music of Silence), there will be something here for you – the hardest part is picking something.