Tyvek: A return to Sled Island after seven years

Monday 12th, June 2017 / 12:00


By Jackie Klapak


Tyvek believes in the power of simplicity.

CALGARY – Inspired by broken gear, cold attics, friendship and a vindictive cat, Tyvek is a Detroit born punk band that presents a new angle on the genre. Instead of the typical angst taken from the calamity of the world they live in, the five use the quirks of everyday life to inspire their music. That said if you ask them, they don’t like to classify themselves as anything.

“Genre is a made up thing, and genre boundaries are always being pushed,” says guitarist and songwriter Kevin Boyer.

Their live shows have been dubbed surprising and unpredictable as the band aims to get the entire crowed absorbed in the wild abandon of a ripping show.

Driven by the natural powers of music and a desire to empower others, Tyvek utilizes lo-fi vocals and aggressive guitar. With garage-punk anthems reminiscent of Parquet Courts and Jay Reatard, every track preaches ideals of self-love and self-actualization.

“[We like to present] people living for themselves and achieving possibilities. We want to present that in everything we do; not just with lyrics,” says Boyer.

From starting in a cold attic, to performing on larger stages, Boyer says it all started with just finding room and the feeling of “trying to get something right.” Their motivation can be described as individual creativity being collectively harnessed through the power of music.

This year marks Tyvek’s second appearance at Sled Island. Since the first appearance back in 2010, Tyvek has released an “infinitesimal stream of tour-only CDRs” and full-lengths like Nothing Fits (2010) and On Triple Beams (2012) while continuing to play shows near and far from their hometown.

“We wanted to come back for a while,” enthuses Boyer. “We met amazing people and a lot of new friends. It’s nice to go further than you typically do to play shows.”

With the release of their newest album Origin of What last November and the goal to release another full-length by the end of this year, Tyvek are busy showcasing their latest creations and love for anyone and everyone in their path.

“We want people to have fun and be themselves…. That’s what we’re trying to do, hopefully the crowd feels that way too.”

Tyvek play three shows at Sled Island: June 22 at the Ship & Anchor, June 23 at the Royal Canadian Legion #1 and June 24 in the Nite Owl Library.


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