prOphecy sun blurs the lines of consciousness

Monday 17th, October 2016 / 11:55
By Jamie Goyman
Atmosphere is a key ingredient in prOphecy sun’s latest creation, Shelter over Shelter. Photo: Amanda Arcuri

Atmosphere is a key ingredient in prOphecy sun’s latest creation, Shelter over Shelter.
Photo: Amanda Arcuri

VANCOUVER — Vancouver’s own prOphecy sun’s new album instantly grabs the attention of listeners and invites them into what comes across as a very intimate and personal body of work. With each track of Shelter over Shelter (Panospria) recorded in a single take, the undressed emotion and energy brought to the foreground is showcased in its purest recorded form.

“I’m intrigued about time, how time passes, how dreams invade waking moments, what gathers and unfolds in moment-to-moment sequences, what exists in the in-between, in the crevices and fissures of memory, and how my perception and experience of these unconscious/conscious moments are blurred,” prOphecy explains. “I record snippets of my life, daily activities, rituals, conversations, performance, using an iPhone. Shelter over Shelter is a patch quilt of my experiences of daily life as both an artist and new mother.”

When you first hear the soundscapes designed and explored there is an almost patterned weaving of paralleled worlds we live in that can be seen/felt. Listeners are immediately met with the overall atmosphere prOphecy sun is known for creating. The introduction to the album with “Birthing Owl” transports the audience into the very first steps of one lifelong journey. The album disperses these raw and upfront memories of labour and pregnancy between the cathartic like ambient landscapes in “Pop Up” and “Thors Palace” that soothe the body and mind in almost hypnotic ways, and the ominous, fluidity of “Destroy Vancouver,” a hauntingly beautiful song with overlapping vocal whaling that comes across as duelling emotions giving an overlaying feeling of a euphoric emotional eruption.

“My creative process begins by dreaming,” she says. “Listening to my environments, grasping at unknowns and whispers of daily rhythmus.”

Shelter over Shelter is an album that reflects and explores the life of motherhood she has experienced; prOphecy sun is definitely an artist whose work is easy to lose yourself in. Her creative expression through music over the last few years has only seen her expand on where she is willing to take herself and the audience.

“I am actively engaged with motion capturing and documenting my children’s developmental patterns, sounds and my relationship with them. I am attempting to synthesize these representations of myself, the subjective experiences and dimensions of motherhood into a single sense of place; creating a large scale, intimate performance.”

prOphecy sun’s Shelter over Shelter is available now.

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