Tim Heidecker – In Glendale

Friday 20th, May 2016 / 18:39
By Mike Ryan

tim-heidecker-in-glendale-coverRado Records

Tim Heidecker (Heidecker and Wood, The Yellow River Boys, Tim & Eric) is well known in comedic circles for his nuanced satire and goofball characters. He’s also no stranger to the music studio.

In Glendale marks successful emergence for Heidecker, with his first earnest collection of songs produced under his full name. The “post-normcore” overtones and, at times, banality of the subject matter, do not disappoint at painting a picture of the humour in young fatherhood and domestic obligation.

Heidecker opts for the sound he is most accustomed to: a mix of ‘70s-inspired singer-songwriter ballads, bar rock and Americana that both charms and burrows in after listening.

Title track, “In Glendale,” is upbeat with blaring horns and lush, layered backing vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on a Van Morrison track. “Work From Home” is a half-speed hangover anthem with flourishes of Wurlitzer and subdued stabs of horn. “Ghost In My Bed” posits acoustic macabre as a viable sound by way of lively acoustic strumming and ghoulish lyrics.

There’s a brief encounter with Nicholas Cage, a Yankee Hotel Foxtrot kind of outro, an ode to central air, and tales of struggling Californians. And though Tim Heidecker skirts the line of sincerity and comedy with In Glendale, he ensures banality and surrealism are never at odds.